I Am Not My Writing

I’m currently revising a novel in which some folks have said I do a whole lot of telling and not enough showing. I trained as an academic, so it’s practically a given that my early fiction attempts would skew towards the didactic, the wordy, the analytic. I knew that going in. So if that feedbackContinue reading “I Am Not My Writing”

Libraries Matter, No Matter What

I’m really sad. For the last seven years, I’ve been volunteering with Josephine Community Libraries, an amazing group of folks who’ve worked with persistence and dedication to reopen our libraries after they were closed due to lack of funding (leaving 82,000 people without access to any library services whatsoever). This year, some of us formedContinue reading “Libraries Matter, No Matter What”

Today’s Libraries: Something for Everyone (But Maybe Not A Swimming Pool)

In 2007, all of the libraries in my county were closed due to lack of funding, leaving 82,000 people without access to any library services whatsoever. It sucked. A lot. For so, so many reasons. Since then, I’ve been a volunteer for Josephine Community Libraries, a nonprofit that reopened the libraries when the county governmentContinue reading “Today’s Libraries: Something for Everyone (But Maybe Not A Swimming Pool)”

Hog-Faced Woman ISO Single Male for Love, Marriage, Transformation

Human culture is a strange and wonderful thing. I’ve been reading about a genre of folk stories that have as a central character a “hog-faced woman,” and I’m left shaking my head at the uncanniness of human imagination. These tales seem to have arisen in the early 17th century concurrently in England, The Netherlands, andContinue reading “Hog-Faced Woman ISO Single Male for Love, Marriage, Transformation”

Ten Things To Do Instead of Writing

Top Ten Things To Do Instead of Writing: 1. watch old episodes of The Animaniacs 2. help daughter melt hot glue so that she can make incredibly complex jewel bauble for cosplaying obscure anime/manga character 3. research bicycle trips through Italy/Denmark/Ireland (after driving to supermarket less than a mile away) 4. unpack fall/winter clothes inContinue reading “Ten Things To Do Instead of Writing”

Great Globs of Glowing Urine

Many fields define themselves by specialties. Doctors are not just doctors—they are podiatrists or pediatricians or surgeons. Restaurant workers are baristas or pastry chefs or sommeliers. Writers are novelists or poets or “content providers.” So it is for academics, as well. When I’m wearing that hat, I define myself as an early modernist. But evenContinue reading “Great Globs of Glowing Urine”

Feeling crabby

Happy birth-month to me! My birthday was last week, and, as per usual, I was out of sorts. I’ve never really enjoyed my birthday, to be honest. It’s not that I mind getting older. Heck, I have Gratiano’s line from The Merchant of Venice–“with mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come”–etched onto a mirror inContinue reading “Feeling crabby”

Of Milton, Genesis, and Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

For five years, I’ve been attending meetings of my public school district’s curriculum council. Five years of reviewing testing data, kindergarten schedules, and proposed changes in nutrition guidelines–all sorts of drudgery.  Nothing terribly interesting ever happened. Well, I missed last month’s meeting, and that’s when it all went down. The council decided to recommend thatContinue reading “Of Milton, Genesis, and Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian”