Should I Burn This Book?

So far I’m only three chapters into Bruce Holsinger’s newly released novel, A Burnable Book, but already I can see that it has one major, tragic flaw:  I didn’t write it. It’s fantastic. I should have known better than to start in on this book just a day after giving a second draft of myContinue reading “Should I Burn This Book?”

Of Sloths, Demons, and Palindromic Numbers

When I hear the word “sloth,” I generally have a Kriston Bell moment. And I’m not alone. Sloths are enjoying a cultural surge, with sloth memes, sloth fan clubs, and even sloth socks (yes, I own a pair). Culturally, though, we pay more attention to the cute little critter than we do to the otherContinue reading “Of Sloths, Demons, and Palindromic Numbers”