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Gathering Rosebuds

I’ve decided to practice what I teach (<–nope, not a typo). When I teach writing, I harp endlessly on the need to write often, to keep the muscle memory of writing flexed and supple. It’s like playing an instrument, I say, or practicing a sport.  That’s why at the beginning of each class I provideContinue reading “Gathering Rosebuds”

On Trying

I’ve been thinking a lot about trying: trying times, trying new things, trials and tribulations. And last week, trial by fire as the devastating Almeda fire burned just 25 miles from my home. As I went for my walk today (freshly reminded of how rare and wonderful a smoke-free sky can be), I tried toContinue reading “On Trying”

My New Year’s Resolutions (May Contain Trump)

Sorry, this is going to be really self-indulgent. I mean, who fills up a blog with their New Year’s resolutions as though anybody cares? Resolutions: Stop apologizing for being self-indulgent. Especially about my own blog. (Actually, I should stop apologizing quite so much all around. My friend Teresa pointed it out to me once andContinue reading “My New Year’s Resolutions (May Contain Trump)”

I am George III, Know You Not That?: On Trump, Hamilton, and Shakespeare

Theater is a distillation, not a distraction. Like most of America, I have a lot of thoughts about the statement Brandon Victor Dixon read to Vice-President-Elect Mike Pence after the November 18th production of Hamilton and Donald Trump’s tweeted reaction. There are those who think it was disrespectful for the cast to call out aContinue reading “I am George III, Know You Not That?: On Trump, Hamilton, and Shakespeare”

After Trump, What?

The AP just announced that Donald Trump will be President of the United States. The man who has declared that America’s top priority will be walling ourselves off from our neighbors and who thinks climate change is a hoax. The man who wants religion to be a litmus test for citizenship. The man who helpsContinue reading “After Trump, What?”

Much Ado About Doodles

One of the best things about being an independent scholar (whatever that term means) is that my enthusiasms are no longer policed by the academy. Note: Which is not to say that academics are unenthusiastic about their topics. It’s a truism that academics have a proprietary relationship–well, really, they fall in love with–the subjects ofContinue reading “Much Ado About Doodles”


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