Much Ado About Doodles

One of the best things about being an independent scholar (whatever that term means) is that my enthusiasms are no longer policed by the academy. Note: Which is not to say that academics are unenthusiastic about their topics. It’s a truism that academics have a proprietary relationship–well, really, they fall in love with–the subjects ofContinue reading “Much Ado About Doodles”

Five Expert Tips For Sucking At Writing

NUMBER ONE. Write in a café. There’ll usually be someone saying something incredibly weird and/or offensive. Once you tune in, you won’t be able to concentrate anymore, but you’ll be cool with it because it’s all fodder for the novel. So far, I’ve overheard the following conversations:  A man, staring soulfully into the eyes ofContinue reading “Five Expert Tips For Sucking At Writing”

I Am Not My Writing

I’m currently revising a novel in which some folks have said I do a whole lot of telling and not enough showing. I trained as an academic, so it’s practically a given that my early fiction attempts would skew towards the didactic, the wordy, the analytic. I knew that going in. So if that feedbackContinue reading “I Am Not My Writing”

Should I Burn This Book?

So far I’m only three chapters into Bruce Holsinger’s newly released novel, A Burnable Book, but already I can see that it has one major, tragic flaw:  I didn’t write it. It’s fantastic. I should have known better than to start in on this book just a day after giving a second draft of myContinue reading “Should I Burn This Book?”