Ten Things To Do Instead of Writing

Top Ten Things To Do Instead of Writing:

1. watch old episodes of The Animaniacs

2. help daughter melt hot glue so that she can make incredibly complex jewel bauble for cosplaying obscure anime/manga character

3. research bicycle trips through Italy/Denmark/Ireland (after driving to supermarket less than a mile away)

4. unpack fall/winter clothes in triple-degree heat because magical thinking is a thing (I ❤ autumn)

5. let dog out

6. check Twitter/Facebook/Tumblr (need to build platform, right?)

7. let dog in

8. read blogs about productivity and daily schedules of famous writers

9. let dog out

10. drink wine.

(Here’s a video from The Animaniacs in case you’ve forgotten–or never knew–how brilliant that show was.)


  1. Pinky and the Brain. Cartoon excellence. Now I’ll get no work done.

    1. Out of Time says:

      Oh, yikes–sorry for the hit to your productivity! (But seriously, has there ever been anything so brilliant? The Animaniacs video about Hamlet? Just. Too. Much.)

      1. The whole series is genius. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll use them as a bribe at the end of a piece of work.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    The dog can easily take up 30% of your day. Good choice.

  3. jbailey2013 says:

    OH YES – With only minor amendments – e.g. cat/son…

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